Why Today’s Breast Augmentation is better than Ever


Not all women are blessed with a bountiful bosom. If you’ve considered breast augmentation to increase your cup size, but have concerns about health risks and side-effects, rest assured that new options and surgical innovations created in the past 10 years provide even more safety and choice. 


Modern Innovations

With ever-advancing medical technology, breast augmentation has seen several improvements to materials and techniques that give women not only fuller more natural-looking breasts, but also improve overall safety and satisfaction. The following are just some of these advancements:

  • Fat Transfer: With the aid of liposuction, fat can be suctioned out from one part of the body (e.g. thighs, arms, love handles or back) and transferred  to the breasts. Fat transfer procedures can be done relatively easily providing fuller breasts while also contouring the body simultaneously. This can be a great option for those hesitant to permanently placing a foreign object into their bodies while also removing fat deposits in unwanted places. Fat transfer can also enhance existing breast implants, providing more aesthetically pleasing cleavage and side-boob.
  • Structured Implants: Introduced in 2014, the structured implant combines saline and silicone gel implant technology. Structured implants have the benefit of requiring less of an incision than pre-filled implants and safeguards in place to limit leakage in the event they occur. A six-year study found that structured breast implants benefited from a high rate of patient and surgeon satisfaction.
  •  Gummy Bear Implants: A nickname to a new type of gel-based implant, the gummy bear implant has many of the same properties as this commonly found candy. Comprised of a silicone shell with silicone gel filling, this implant has the advantage of retaining its shape compared to other forms of silicone implants. Much like how a gummy bear would retain its relative shape when cut in two, the gummy bear implant will also retain its shape even if its shell becomes broken or damaged. More traditional silicone or saline implants would, in comparison, leak into adjacent tissue when broken or damaged. 



A Doctor with Your Interests in Mind

The first step when pursuing breast augmentation is to seek out an experienced and highly skilled cosmetic surgeon who not only has an eye for beautiful results but also prioritizes your safety. Dr. Maher Anous is one such cosmetic surgeon. Not only has he performed thousands of cosmetic procedures, he is passionate about achieving your personal aesthetic goals. 

To get in touch with Dr. Anous and schedule your own personal consultation in the Beverly Hills, CA area, call (310) 734-7495 today!



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