Top Cosmetic and Medical Reasons for Rhinoplasty

Among human faces, researchers have identified 14 different ‘nose types,’ and surprisingly, many of these are considered to be out of balance with the other features of the face. To bring the nose into facial harmony, many people choose Rhinoplasty surgery.  

Rhinoplasty, or a ‘nose job,’ is amongst the top five most common cosmetic surgeries in the U.S. While a rhinoplasty definitely improves the aesthetic appeal of the face, there are other reasons that patients choose to have a Rhinoplasty.

With over 200,000 Rhinoplasties performed last year in the U.S., the procedure can either be cosmetic or medical. Some patients require a ‘functional nose job,’ to alleviate breathing difficulties, snoring, or sleep apnea. In other cases, surgeons use nose reshaping to enhance symmetry and facial harmony.

Whatever your reasons for considering Rhinoplasty surgery in Beverly Hills, here we describe why many patients choose Rhinoplasty. 

Cosmetic Reasons for Rhinoplasty

From an aesthetic perspective, Rhinoplasty modifies the skin, bone, and cartilage of the nose. The centerpiece of the face, the nose quite literally stands out from our other facial features. However, research indicates that the most appealing noses are those that attract as little focus as possible to allow the other features of the face to shine.

Generally,  the eyes, cheeks, and lips are the facial features that should draw the most attention. In this regard, Rhinoplasty can be used to reduce or reshape the size and profile of the nose.

 The procedure can:

  • Readjust the nose size relative to the face
  • Reposition the nostrils
  • Make ‘flaring’ nostrils smaller
  • Adjust the width of the nose bridge
  • Change the contours of the bridge and upper nose, removing any humps or bumps and filling in spots that may need more volume
  • Modify the tip of the nose, which may be upturned, hooked, drooping or bulbous
  • Bring the left and right sides of the nose into symmetry

Medical Reasons for Rhinoplasty

While the nose is the centerpiece of our face,  it is also the primary pathway for breathing. .There are numerous benefits to breathing through our noses (such as slowed breathing great, greater oxygen absorption).  For some people, this can be difficult due to the structure of their nasal cavity or the presence of a deviated septum.

Deviated Septum

The septum is the cartilaginous barrier that separates the left and right nasal cavities. If it is crooked, or ‘deviated,’ it makes one of the nasal passages smaller, thus constricting airflow and breathing. The septum can be deviated from birth or as a result of an injury.

The most frequently occurring symptom associated with a deviated septum is nasal congestion. However, nosebleeds, facial pain, headaches, a dripping nose, and snoring are all side effects of this condition. Rhinoplasty realigns the septum and alleviates these frustrating symptoms.


Constricted nasal passages can lead to snoring and even sleep apnea. If the shape of your nasal passages causes you to snore at night, this can be frustrating to others. It can also reduce your own sleep quality.  With constricted nasal passages, you are more likely to experience sleep apnea, which can cause you to awaken multiple times throughout the night. By reshaping the nasal passages to ensure proper airflow, Rhinoplasty relieves breathing obstructions and improves sleep.

Because the Rhinoplasty is among the most difficult plastic surgeries to perform and requires extensive planning and precise execution, not all plastic surgeons excel at meeting patient goals. Whether their prior surgery was performed for cosmetic or functional reasons, many patients have sought out Dr. Anous to perform revision Rhinoplasty.

A highly innovative and cutting-edge surgeon, Dr. Anous has played key roles in developing and implementing revolutionary techniques to enhance the look and function of the nose. Whether you are interested in Rhinoplasty for functional or cosmetic reasons, you will get the best care possible as we strive to exceed your personal goals. Please call (310) 817-6374 to find out more; to get personalized recommendations, schedule a consultation with Dr. Anous.