Our Practice

Our Practice


My staff and I appreciate the effort it takes a prospective patient to schedule then present for a consultation. Time is a precious commodity and yours will never be wasted or treated with disrespect. You will be offered the respect you are due.

It does not stop here. Professionalism mandates honesty in all of our dealings. It is not because you strongly desire a procedure that you will automatically get it. Expect your views to be challenged as the best service we can offer you is an in-depth understanding of your motivations and a pallette of options for you to choose from towards your goal.

No one in my office will ever push you to have surgery. In fact, we will encourage you to make the round of professionals to better understand your choices.

But if you choose us, we will be honored.

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There can be no enjoyment of a result regardless of how good it is unless you are in good health, period. Safety involves the surgeon, the personnel and the premises. Let us begin with Yours Truly: two undeniable facts make me an exceedingly safe surgeon: I know when to say NO and I am a  fast surgeon (without ever compromising the result). Speedy surgeons usually are the ones who have a plan and understand how to achieve it. There is no wasted time or superfluous motions. Minimizing surgery time is equivalent to minimizing complications.

My personnel is highly trained and up-to-date with CME’s and safety requirements.

The operating facilities I use are certified by the national bodies overseeing outpatient facilities. The facilities have passed the yearly inspections and have maintained the upper echelon of certification. Basically, this means that as far as equipment, medications and training are concerned, the operating rooms (on -paper) are at the level of general and specialized hospitals. In fact, the operating rooms are SAFER because we do not deal with high-risk patients (a source of infection and complications) and we provide one-on-one care (hence no potential for error or confusion about who is having what done).

About Us

Surfing the World Wide Web in search of an esthetic surgeon, you are likely to encounter recurring words. “Art” (and its derivatives “artistic” and “state-of-the-art”); “Excellence”; “Premier” and my all time favorite “Finesse” will be found with adjectives and superlatives like “best”; “only” and “‘first”, all intended to attract prospective patients. Inadvertently, these words also create a haze as different websites blend together through similar and at times confusing verbiage.

Let us agree on certain principals: You will find none of this in my practice. I dislike hype. My results are to be judged based on their own merit and with the understanding that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

There are no contests out there deciding who is the best esthetic surgeon around. There is no local, state or national ranking. Our peer-reviewed presentations are too technical to be of interest to the public at large. In other words, just use your eyes to pick results that are to your liking and trust your senses when you go in for a consultation.

What then constitutes a successful esthetic practice? Three common traits in my opinion: Safety; Professionalism and a Pleasant Experience.

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A Pleasant Experience

Our consultations are intended to put you at ease. Expect a different and more relaxed setting than your usual medical visit. Each encounter is given ample time for an in-depth analysis of the request at hand and to address all of your concerns. Be prepared to return for a second time if you still have questions.

Ready to get Started?

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