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Secondary and Revision Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills:
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Because of its complexity and demand for both accurate planning and precise execution, nasal surgery is one of the most difficult procedures for any plastic surgeon to perform. In the hands of those not ready for its challenges, a rhinoplasty can yield a disastrous outcome. In this case, correction comes in the form of an even more difficult surgery termed “secondary rhinoplasty” and demanding an even higher degree of skill. Few surgeons are willing to attempt this procedure. Fortunately, Dr. Anous is not one of them.

“Secondary” and “revision” rhinoplasty are not synonymous: The first refers to a corrective nose job after a rhinoplasty performed by another surgeon, while the second is the term given to treatment provided by same surgeon following a primary nose job that they have performed themselves. Revisions are almost always simpler because the surgeon knows what they have done in the first operation. Secondary rhinoplasties are complicated affairs, usually with parts of the anatomy missing and, often, no operative record of what was done at the initial surgery. 

Trusting a different surgeon after the first operation “bombed” is a difficult deal and demands courage. Strangely, the new surgeon also needs courage to confront both a disappointed and understandably apprehensive patient as well as a difficult situation from both the planning and the execution viewpoints.

If you have had previous surgery and now require corrections, it is important that you seek out a well-trained, experienced professional. Dr. Anous has had extensive experience with patients who are dissatisfied with an original surgery performed by another doctor. To advertise expertise, however, a surgeon must be able to prove it by showing detailed results. Simply claiming it is never enough.

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How do You Know if You Need a Second Rhinoplasty?

While most noses have some degree of asymmetry, complications from rhinoplasty can make the nose look unnatural. This sends patients back to seek a result they can live with. The main reason a secondary rhinoplasty might be needed is the faulty understanding by novice surgeons that any nose needs to be made smaller. This erroneous notion makes them weaken the supporting structures (bone, cartilage) excessively. Humps that do not exist are filed down and tip cartilages are made thinner.

Imagine the nose as a tent: a pole (tip cartilages) and a central beam (dorsum) made of cartilage and bone support its fabric (skin). If the supporting elements are weakened too much, the fabric of the tent collapses. This is what happened to some major figure in the entertainment business.

Nasal weakness is not only an esthetic problem. Breathing is also liable to suffer since with the collapse of the skin, nasal passages become narrow and airflow is impeded.

  • Figure 1: Measurements and angles on life-size photographs
  • Figure 2: Maneuvers sketched on diagrams
  • Figure 3: Numerical, diagrammatic, and photographic planning on the wall of the operating room

Your Revision Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills with Dr. Anous

Due to the complexity of revision rhinoplasty, it’s necessary to seek an expert who is skilled in revision techniques. Dr. Anous is a highly experienced Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeon who can help patients finally achieve their cosmetic goals with a secondary procedure. After residency and numerous fellowships, Dr. Anous served as an Assistant Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Baylor University, further cultivating his craft. He has developed an eye for approaching difficult problems with both conventional and unconventional methods and has even had an active role in perfecting specific techniques for revision rhinoplasty.

Most of Dr. Anous’ secondary rhinoplasties are done using the open method. This allows for a safer dissection and a better visual assessment of the extent of missing tissue. Frequently, additional building material is needed. This is why a secondary rhinoplasty should, conceptually, never be approached without the explicit agreement of the patient to have other tissues harvested from distant sites (ears, side of the head, ribs, pelvis). This, if done properly, hardly leaves any visible scars.

When you are facing a second surgery to repair issues from the first, you might feel a heightened level of anxiety. Be sure that you communicate any fears or concerns you may have as soon as possible. Dr. Anous or his team will work with you to address them and ensure you feel confident approaching your treatment.

Revision rhinoplasty can take many hours to complete but is still an outpatient procedure in most instances.

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Recovering from your Second Rhinoplasty

In most cases, the recovery period will last a couple of weeks. As with the primary procedure, splints and bandages may be used both internally and externally to ensure the stability of your new nasal contours.

Swelling, bruises, and pressure can be expected in the first few days after surgery. Pain medication is generally prescribed to help maintain a positive level of comfort. Although you may find it difficult to breathe through the nose for the first couple of day following surgery, with the removal of the internal splints you should be able to breathe clearly.

As with first-time rhinoplasty patients, subtle changes will be noticeable throughout as you heal and as residual swelling fades; it is important to note that rhinoplasty recovery is a gradual process. Positive changes can be seen within the first few weeks after surgery, but full results may not be complete for about a year. It’s important to give time for your body to heal and for your results to take shape.

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Learn More about Your Options for a Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr. Anous is committed to addressing any concerns and will evaluate your nose both externally and internally. He is a detail-oriented surgeon who will develop a personalized treatment plan that is appropriate for your particular issues. Achieving results in difficult cases is his passion and top priority; He will work tirelessly to help you achieve appropriate and realistic goals.

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