Look Years Younger with a Facelift in beverly hills from Dr. Anous

During our teenage years and early 20s, we often take our smooth and youthful-looking skin for granted. Despite the all too common acne outbreaks and occasional sunburns, youth was a time when we thought little about how we’d look in twenty or thirty years. Almost all of us thought that we’d have a lifetime before we’d have to concern ourselves with wrinkles and fine lines. Unfortunately, there comes a time for everyone when we wonder how we can regain youthful-looking, supple skin.

If you’ve noticed that your facial skin appears droopy and fine lines have developed in multiple areas, you may use artful makeup techniques to look younger, but this is only a temporary fix. There is an alternative, long-lasting solution that turns back the hands of time and helps patients enjoy the smooth skin of their youth. To learn more about your Beverly Hills facelift options, contact the plastic surgery office of Dr. Maher Anous. We can help you look and feel youthful and fabulous.

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Can You Benefit from a Facelift?

Over the years, skin and tissues lose their elasticity and begin to droop noticeably. For smokers, the sagging skin can be especially pronounced around the lips. Even stress can have a negative impact on facial aging. While some choices, such as embracing a healthy lifestyle and using home skincare products, minimize the cosmetic signs of the aging process, very few of these habits can dramatically change our facial features as a facelift can.

A facelift can take years off your appearance by improving tone, lifting sagging skin, and repositioning supporting structure, creating a vibrant aesthetic. Facelifts are incredibly specific to each patient. Depending on their intended goals, patients can benefit from a facelift on its own or several facial rejuvenation procedures. During a consultation, those issues will be discussed with Dr. Anous and his surgical team, so we can develop an individual surgical and recovery care plan that is designed with those specific needs in mind. Long-term, realistic goals will be set, and your surgery will be strategically planned.

Customizing your Facial Plastic Surgery Treatment Plan

There are two types of surgical facial rejuvenation procedures, the traditional and a mini-facelift. Facelifts are generally performed on patients that are between the ages of 40 and 60 who are experiencing moderate to severe skin laxity, deep creases, and cosmetic aging at several areas. The mini lift is usually appropriate for younger patients whose concerns are localized at the lower face, such as the jaw and jowls. 

Skin doesn’t age the same way for every person. Genetics and a healthy lifestyle may help your skin look younger and healthier for years, whereas extensive sun damage, smoking, and stress have been shown to affect facial features at early ages visibly. We take these considerations into account for every patient and when recommending either a full facelift procedure or a mini lift.

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Ready to get Started?

Your Beverly Hills Facelift Surgery with Dr. Anous

The goal of the traditional facelift is to smooth and tighten the skin. Patients are in 50’s or older often have significant folds of excess skin in the neck and cheeks, as well as deep lines and creases in the mid and upper face. Your facelift procedure is designed to smooth and firm, soft tissue while changing the supporting musculature to ensure the cosmetic effect of your facelift is long-lasting. 

An incision will be made, starting at the hairline of the temples, that continues around the ear and ends in the lower scalp. Dr. Anous then removes or redistributes fat around the face, jaw, and neck. The underlying tissue is repositioned, and the deeper layers of the face and the sheet-like muscles that contribute to neck bands are tightened in two areas to improve the jowls and neck. Any excess skin is trimmed before re-draping the tissue over the improved facial contours. 

A full facelift may take several hours to complete and is customized to meet each patients’ expectations. Once all the work has been completed, the incisions will be closed. Incision lines will fade over time and are well concealed within the hairline and in the natural contours of the face and ear.

What to Expect After your Facelift Procedure

Swelling and bruising are common, but the visible improvements of your facelift become noticeable as residual inflammation dissipates. Pain medication is generally prescribed to alleviate any discomfort, but extra strength Tylenol can be substituted once the pain is easily managed. One week after surgery, patients will return to the office to have their sutures removed at which time they can return to normal activities.

Following your treatment with Dr. Anous, will look more rested, refreshed and youthful, often like you have lost weight. Most commonly, patients report that the effect is natural-looking and that their desired cosmetic changes have helped them look many years younger. The results of a facelift should not only restore a youthful and rested appearance but also help you feel confident. You will notice a defined jawline, smooth neckline, full and vibrant cheeks, and an overall natural appearance. The results of your full facelift are highly long-lasting, and patients typically do not require re-treatment. Many who have had a full facelift can maintain their results in the foreseeable future with occasional touch-up procedures that are non-surgical or minimally invasive.

Mini facelift patients enjoy results that last about ten years. Every surgery and every patient are different so the need for additional procedures later in life will vary between patients. Be sure to ask Dr. Anous about your treatment plan so you can determine which treatment method will best suit your expectations.

For the Best Facelift Surgery in Beverly Hills, Contact Dr. Maher Anous

The key to a successful facelift is to find an experienced surgeon that has an exceptional eye for the intricate details. Dr. Anous has had years of experience working with patients with varying cosmetic needs. With a mind for innovation and new techniques to improve standard methods, Dr. Anous’ goal is to help his patients achieve the best results possible. 

To schedule your full or mini facelift consultation, call Dr. Anous and his team today.