Eye Makeup Tips After Eyelid Surgery

“The eyes are the windows to the soul,” Shakespeare tells us. Given how long that quote has persisted, clearly we all agree. 

Our peers infer a lot about us by gazing into our eyes, which is perhaps why eyelid surgery is among the top 5 most popular cosmetic procedures in the U.S.

If you’re considering eyelid surgery, know that your recovery will involve icing your eyes for two days. By the seventh day, you’ll return to the surgeon’s office to have your sutures removed. You must not apply any makeup during this recovery period. 

Unsurprisingly, our eyes are sensitive after eyelid surgery. As such, some considerations need to be taken into account by those recovering from blepharoplasty in Beverly Hills before sitting down at the makeup table. Here, we provide you with some eye makeup tips for your post-surgical recovery.      

 Wait Until Fully Healed

The first and most significant tip Dr. Anous can offer about eye makeup post-eye surgery is to wait until your eyes have FULLY recovered from the procedure before applying any makeup. Though it can be tempting to show off your new look with eye makeup, you will have noticeable improvements even without using eyeliner, mascara, or eyeshadows during your first couple of weeks of healing. 

Depending on your exact procedure, it can take up to three weeks for complete healing of your incisions. Although no makeup should be applied during this time, Dr. Anous may advise you to use some lubricating ointments or cold compresses to aid recovery.  

Buy New Products

The days following eyelid surgery provide the perfect time to replace your mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadows.

The industry recommendation is to renew mascara and eyeliner every three months, as the tubes provide an ideal place for bacteria to live and breed. As such, with more sensitive post-blepharoplasty eyes, it is a good idea to eliminate any unnecessary chance of infection. Any precautions that lower the risk of infection are worth taking. This is a great time to enjoy updating your collection, and maybe even try some new products.   

Check Your Ingredients

It’s generally best to choose eye makeup that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. Many  makeup products contain ingredients that can be detrimental to your skin, so it is beneficial to seek out natural products. For instance, you can look for products that state “non-comedogenic,” which means they have been formulated to avoid clogging your pores.  “Hypoallergenic” and “all-natural” products may also have fewer harsh or damaging ingredients.

Gently Does It

Particularly after eyelid surgery, you need to opt for very skin-friendly eye makeup products, and you should ensure that the makeup remover you use loves your eyes as much as you do. Alcohol-based removers are not gentle for your skin and should be avoided; instead, you can try micellar water or a natural oil-based makeup remover. 

After eyelid surgery, you will naturally be more cautious with your tender, recovering skin, and it can only be beneficial to continue to exercise care when applying and removing skincare products and makeup.

Post-eyelid surgery is a great time to form new habits, such as avoiding the use of your fingers to apply makeup and regularly cleaning applicators. Taking time to patiently and gently remove makeup preserves the health and appearance of the delicate skin around your eyes.  The gentler you are with your eyes, the better. 

Last year, over 210,000 people in the U.S. opted to surgically enhance their eyelids through blepharoplasty. They sought to improve sagging skin of the upper or lower eyelids, puffiness, and wrinkles. On publication RealSelf , 7,403 people reviewed their eyelid surgeries, and 94 percent rate it, “Worth It.” 

If you are considering getting the procedure performed in Beverly Hills or Pasadena, reach out to Dr. Anous via his online form or by phoning (310) 341-7174 to get any questions answered or to book your personalized consultation.