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Breast Lift in Beverly Hills

Life events like pregnancy, nursing, weight fluctuations, and the natural process of aging cause breasts to droop. This effect may even develop after puberty or emerge well after the age of 30 due to any of the above issues. No matter the cause, however, mastopexy, also known as a breast lift, is an excellent procedure for firming breast tissue, lifting breast position, and restoring a youthful body shape.

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Breast Lift Candidates

Patient evaluation for a mastopexy (breast lift) involves the classification of the degree of droopiness into three categories: Grade I, II and III. Patients with Grade I droopiness do not generally need a lifting procedure and, if volume is an issue, can be treated with the addition of a breast implant. Ideal candidates for mastopexy are patients whose breasts sag significantly (Grade II), and their nipples fall below their natural breast crease (Grade III). Patients also seek a mastopexy to reduce areola size, minimize stretch marks on drooping tissue, and create an uplifted breast contour. You may also be an excellent candidate for a breast lift if the following characteristics describe your case:

  • Satisfactory breast volume but dissatisfied with position
  • Enlarged nipples due to various bodily changes
  • Lack of tissue firmness
  • Post-implant removal where breasts appear droopier than before

If you’re interested in a breast lift, it’s important to be a non-smoker who is in good general health. If you have realistic expectations for your procedure, you can enjoy a greatly improved sense of confidence.

Customizing Your Breast Lift Technique

Dr. Maher Anous, our board-certified plastic surgeon, customizes your breast lift treatment plan to suit your unique body type and cosmetic goals. During your discreet consultation, he analyzes skin elasticity and breast shape to develop a surgical approach which meets your anatomic needs. Although Dr. Anous offers multiple techniques, the most common involves placing an anchor-like incision along the underside of the breast. This approach allows him to remove lax skin and define a new location for the nipple.

A mastopexy is an outpatient surgery performed with general anesthesia. Once the patient is relaxing comfortably and asleep, Dr. Anous performs an incision around the nipple to reduce the size, if necessary. Next, he removes excess tissue and stretches the skin which remains, maximizing lift and minimizing scar length if possible. A breast lift affects soft tissue only, not underlying muscle structure; nipple sensation is preserved after your surgery.

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Ready to get Started?

Why is Dr. Anous’ Technique different?

Most breast lift techniques practiced in the USA involve a variation of what is known as The Wise Pattern. In those techniques the surgeon places incisions deep within the substance of the breast gland, to create flaps and elevate tissue. These deep incisions have the unfortunate consequence of weakening the blood supply to the overlying skin, which is why most surgeons prefer not to combine the breast lift procedure with breast augmentation (placement of an implant); the possibility of tissue loss and implant exposure becomes real.

Dr. Anous’ technique (Fig. 1) is a modification of the LeJour technique (named after Dr. Madeleine LeJour of Belgium). In this technique, no incisions are made within the substance of the breast, which preserves the full integrity of the blood supply. The modifications in the technique were introduced by Dr. Anous in order to facilitate nipple and areola repositioning and improve the aesthetic result. Because the blood supply is seldom, if ever, threatened, the combination of lift and augmentation becomes safe (Fig. 2).

How Can a Breast Lift Benefit You?

A mastopexy performed by Dr. Anous can provide many benefits for patients. In addition to improved self-esteem and refined body contours, a breast lift can do all the following:

  • Raise nipple position
  • Create rounded, youthful breasts
  • Improves breast symmetry
  • Natural cleavage
  • Better-fitting and more comfortable clothing and bras
  • Lasting results that allow you to look years younger well into the future

A breast lift is the perfect choice for many patients, especially those who are considering a mommy makeover, those who have lost a significant amount of weight, and patients who have had their implants removed and miss the uplifted breast position of their youth.

Adding Implants to your Mastopexy Procedure

Not every Beverly Hills and Pasadena patient needs implants in addition to a lift, but there are numerous advantages to combining these treatments. If you are lacking breast volume due to weight loss or the weight and hormonal fluctuations of pregnancy, implants add the desired increase in cup size and projection that you’re looking for. Implants can also create improved fullness in the upper part of the breast.

A lift alone is a great choice for patients with moderate to large breasts that have sagged with time, age, and bodily changes, while adding implants can boost your breast profile and create the volume you once had while pregnant or at a different weight.

Breast Lift Recovery

You’ll return home the same day as your mastopexy. We prescribe medication to help you relax and rest comfortably. Some patients even return to work within 48 hours after the surgery. However, if you need to stay home for a longer recovery interval, our office will gladly fill in the necessary forms to present to your work place. If you chose a breast lift with implants, you should refrain from lifting anything heavier than a gallon of milk for two weeks. No participation in exercise or strenuous activities until Dr. Anous says it’s okay.

You will experience some swelling for a few months, but the results should be evident immediately.

Breast Lift Scarring

Dr. Anous takes great care to minimize scarring with placement and incision technique, but it’s important to note that all surgeries will create scars; however, patients consider this a welcome trade-off for finally having the body shape they’ve always dreamed of. Dr. Anous discusses this during your consultation and explains what you can do to minimize any potential scarring.

To help reduce scarring after the incisions completely heal, we offer alternative options combining scar creams and innovative Silicone taping.

To learn more about breast lift surgery, contact Dr. Anous today to schedule a consultation.

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Breast Lift FAQs

In short, no. Most patients stop taking the pain meds after a day or two with some changing to over-the-counter products as need.

Typically, no. If there is a change in size, it is minimal because only a thin layer of skin is removed during a mastopexy.

With most patients, two or three months is necessary for breasts to recover from the after-effects of pregnancy and nursing.

Yes. It’s common to have multiple procedures with a breast lift. Breast augmentations are most commonly paired with a tummy tuck, liposuction, and body lifts to save time and costs (Fig. 3 & 4).

Figure 3
Figure 4

Yes. It’s common for women to seek additional breast lifts when necessary.

It is not wise or prudent to go with any other physician than a board-certified plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons who are credentialed are required to have extensive training in general surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery. This requirement exceeds any cosmetic or general surgeon.

These professionals are also required to continue their education are rigorously tested periodically to ensure they are current with the latest technology and protocols.