Beverly Hills Breast Surgery with Dr. Maher Anous

Breast Augmentation

A beautiful body begins with balance. If you are looking to enhance your shape, breast augmentation can help you achieve those goals. Augmentation is a cosmetic procedure designed to increase the size of a woman’s breasts. During a personalized consultation, several implant options will be discussed. An individualized care plan and implant that will best suit your unique goals are chosen. Surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia and is surprisingly quite short. After a brief recovery, patients enjoy a boost in confidence and a shapelier physique.

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Breast Augmentation

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

With aging, patients notice changes in breast appearance, such as sagging. This is caused by the loss of collagen, which weakens the skin and connective tissues that support the breasts. Along with pregnancy and weight fluctuations, the breasts’ weight gradually stretches the skin, causing them to droop. A breast lift procedure, also called a mastopexy, restores a youthful, elevated breast position. After this procedure, patients once again enjoy the perky and symmetrical breasts they had in their youth while regaining the confidence and comfort desired.

Breast Reduction

Though many may consider larger breasts to be an asset, they can also be a source of discomfort. For this reason, some consider breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty. It is one of the most popular body contouring procedures and has one of the highest rates of satisfaction, as it creates an improved quality of life. Heavy, over-sized breasts that cause physical pain or interfere with an active lifestyle are often motivations for considering this surgery. Following breast reduction, patients are more comfortable and enjoy the naturally proportionate figure they desire.

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Fat Transfer

Patients who desire a moderate increase in breast size often consider a fat transfer procedure. Fat transfer involves liposuction to remove unwanted fat cells from one part of the body, generally the hips thighs, or tummy, and injections to transfer cells into the breast. Because this procedure uses the body’s tissue, breasts look natural; post-treatment scarring is minimal, due to the fine, thin incisions needed to remove fat cells for transferring. Women who have increased their bust size with this procedure also have the added benefit of contouring their bodies in other areas, helping them to look and feel more confident.

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