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Body Lift in Beverly Hills

A belt lipectomy, better known as a body lift, is designed to improve body contours by eliminating excess fat and skin. This process creates a slim and sleek shape. Body lift surgery is best suited for patients who lose a substantial amount of weight, whether through bariatric surgery or diet and exercise and are now experiencing loose and drooping skin. 

If you need treatment to remove loose skin and contour stubborn fat deposits, contact Anous Plastic Surgery for a full body lift in Beverly Hills.

How Can a Body Lift Help You?

After losing massive weight in a short period, soft tissue may retract slightly, but will likely not be as firm and smooth as patients want. This problem of excess skin cannot be corrected with non-surgical remedies. Excess skin can weigh on your physical and emotionally, creating the following issues:

  • Skin which hangs on the body, creating an abnormal body contour
  • Limited mobility, causing hygiene issues, sores, rashes, and possible infection
  • Difficulty finding clothes which fit comfortably
  • Diminished aesthetic benefits of losing massive weight, as loose skin obscures results
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Although drastic weight loss is a common cause of sagging skin, pregnancy, genetics, aging, and environmental factors like sun damage also contribute to poor elasticity and increasing skin laxity in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and waist.

The benefits of a body lift include a reshaped mid-body outline, reduction of sagging fat and skin resulting, and treatment of issues caused by stretched skin due to pregnancies and significant weight loss.

Body Lift Candidates

Patients considering a body lift should have maintained a stable weight for a year. Women who are considering future pregnancies should wait until they are no longer planning to expand their families, as this may cause the recurrence of aesthetic issues such as loose skin and excess fat.

Suitable candidates for a full body lift are patients who are experiencing substantial amounts of loose tissue in multiple areas. Patients should also be healthy with no outstanding medical issues, which may impair healing or increase potential complications of surgery. Individuals who have realistic goals and a positive outlook about body lift surgery and its results will be most satisfied with their treatments. In general, patients should commit to a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and exercise and refrain from smoking.

Body Lift Consultation

To increase the benefits of body lift surgery, you should prepare to discuss your desired outcomes and motivations for seeking surgical care. During your consultation, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Anous will review body lift options available to meet your goals, such as a tummy tuck and breast lift. We select procedures based on your goals and after careful consideration of current medical treatments, drug allergies, conditions, and any medications you are currently taking.

Dr. Anous may also measure your body, detailing dimensions in a 360 view, and taking photos for your medical record. To prepare patients and provide educational information, your appointment will also include a discussion of expected results, risks, and potential complications. We want you to feel completely confident in your decision.

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Ready to get Started?

Your Beverly Hills Body Lift with Dr. Anous

Your unique treatment experience depends on your body type and preferred outcomes. A belt lipectomy involves placing an incision along the upper or inner thigh to the waistline. In significant cases of skin laxity, the incision circles the lower back and waist. For removing excess tissue at the thighs and buttocks, Dr. Anous places an incision at the crease of the buttocks to firm and tone these areas. During these surgical techniques, the tissue is pulled taut to the new body contours. The entire procedure takes between three to seven hours to complete under a general anesthetic.

Dr. Anous may recommend combining liposuction with your body lift surgery to improve overall body shape. Skin reduction can be completed in stages, addressing one or two areas with each session. Dr. Anous will recommend a strategy to achieve the best results in the safest and most efficient processes.

Body Lift Recovery

Optimal healing and successful recovery require time. Dr. Anous advises limiting post-surgery activities during the healing process. These restrictions may include avoiding strenuous activity, exercise, and lifting anything more than five pounds. He recommends slow walking early on to reduce the risk of blood clots, but strenuous exercise is off-limits until Dr. Anous gives the okay.

Dr. Anous will place a compressions garment for support at the end of surgery. This garment will minimize swelling and relieve tension from the incisions and suture lines. He may also place tubes to ensure proper drainage of bodily fluids, which accumulate after surgery; he will remove them after a week or two.

Prescribed medication will manage the pain during the early stages of recovery. Recovery duration varies with the scope of the procedure. Complications are rare and recovery shorter when the patient carefully follows the instruction Dr. Anous supplies.

Body Lift FAQs

There is no optimal time following Gastric Bypass procedures. Rather it the degree of weight loss and the overall health condition that will determine eligibility for body lift surgery.

Yes, Dr. Anous can combine liposuction with a body lift safely to reduce proportions at the waist and thighs.

Substantial weight loss or gain can affect the results of a body lift either positively or negatively.

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