Tips for Recovery from Breast Implant Removal

With so many breast augmentation surgeries performed in the United States and Southern California, breast implant removal or explant surgery is quickly becoming a trending procedure in aesthetic medicine. The reasons for this vary, from implants deteriorating, complications from the initial surgery or the patient is entering a new phase in her life where the… Read More »

Key Differences Between the Breast Reduction and the Breast Lift

When most people think about surgical breast enhancement, they typically envision breast enlargement surgery. While many women with small or asymmetrical breasts seek to improve their bustline with implants, there are also many women who wish to reduce or reposition their breasts without adding extra volume. If you are unsatisfied with your overly-large or noticeably-sagging… Read More »

The Tummy Tuck’s Significant (But Often Overlooked) Medical Benefits

When aging, pregnancy, or dramatic weight loss leaves you with weakened abdominal muscles and excess skin and flab on your belly, these issues can become nearly impossible for you to resolve on your own. It can be frustrating that even when you lead an active lifestyle and are conscientious about what you eat, you won’t… Read More »

Top Cosmetic and Medical Reasons for Rhinoplasty

Among human faces, researchers have identified 14 different ‘nose types,’ and surprisingly, many of these are considered to be out of balance with the other features of the face. To bring the nose into facial harmony, many people choose Rhinoplasty surgery.   Rhinoplasty, or a ‘nose job,’ is amongst the top five most common cosmetic surgeries… Read More »

The Mercator Technique: The Best Tummy Tuck in Beverly Hills and Beyond

Discover the best technique for tummy tucks -the mercator tummy tuck technique. Created by Dr. Anous himself, it’s special because it makes the procedure conform to your body’s natural contour. That personalized aspect completely revolutionizes the results compared to other surgeries. Find out more today! If you are interested and want to know more, contact… Read More »

Breast Augmentation For Uneven Breasts: 5 Things You Should Know

Very few women are born with a pair of identical breasts. In a society that admires symmetry in the physical form, having uneven breasts can heavily influence a woman’s self-image, self-esteem, and mental health. As you weigh up the options available to bring your body more into balance, there are several things for you to… Read More »

Bundling Up and Powdering Up this Fall to conceal signs of plastic surgery

So you’ve finally taken the plunge! You got that cosmetic procedure you so profoundly desired – please allow us at Anous Esthetic Surgery to be among the first to congratulate you! We commend your bravery and initiative in taking your appearance and confidence into your own hands. Now, with your surgery complete, your focus shifts… Read More »

Why Today’s Breast Augmentation is better than Ever

  Not all women are blessed with a bountiful bosom. If you’ve considered breast augmentation to increase your cup size, but have concerns about health risks and side-effects, rest assured that new options and surgical innovations created in the past 10 years provide even more safety and choice.    Modern Innovations With ever-advancing medical technology,… Read More »