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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Maher Anous MD

If you have read the introduction, you already know most of what I have to say about myself. If you wish to know even more about me, please be my guest and keep on reading.

I was born in Cairo, Egypt around the middle of the previous century. I was educated in a French Jesuit school, hence my perfect command of French (I have picked up other languages since then due to my travels). My father who was a surgeon taught me early on the ropes of the business. To his disapointment, rather than taking over the helmsmanship of the hospital carrying the family's name, I decided to move to the United States in 1979 (when only 24 years old) to chart my own territory.

All of my surgical training has been done in my adoptive country (I have been an American citizen since 1984) except for a stint back to France in 1988 to train in Paris with Dr. Paul Tessier, the leading figure of the twentieth century in Cranio-Facial surgery.

My perigrinations have taken me through Waterbury (Connecticut) for General surgery at the St. Mary's hospital (Yale affiliate); New York City (New York) for cancer surgery at the Sloan-Kettering Memorial hospital; Seattle (Washington) for a burn fellowship at Harborview Medical Center; Allentown (Pennsylvania) for plastic surgery at Lehigh Valley General hospital; Houston (Texas) for Microsurgery at the Mecom Institute and as mentioned above, Paris (France) at the Clinique Belvedere for Cranio-Facial surgery.

If you have been paying attention and wonder why then do I hold licensure in Maine, it is because it was the earliest state in the union where I could obtain licensure following my arrival so I could moonlight in an emergency room. Hunger mandated the trip from Connecticut!

Still want to know more? Okay. My wife is from Texas and we share six kids between us (two of hers and two of mine from previous marriages, and two of our own). Now you understand WHY we have to be working all the time!!

Not true. Other than my family and my work, my passion is Classical Guitar which I practice faithfully after everyone in the household has gone to sleep.

As for my staff, they are much more interesting than me (and also better looking). You would have the pleasure of meeting all of them should you decide to come visit us.

Maher Anous, MD, operating from his state of the art plastic surgery Irvine offices, has helped many Beverly Hills tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), breast augmentation, liposuction, facelift, and rhinoplasty patients improve their image and self-confidence.


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